Born in the early 90s, with the firm desire to create long-term trustful partnerships, Galien® is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging company (CDMO *), today leader in Europe thanks to innovative technologies and strong human skills.

Specializing in market segments and pharmaceutical forms with high added value (High Potent products, freeze-dried formulations, packaging), we offer a wide range of dedicated solutions, and address the international pharmaceutical industries.

Highly qualified teams distributed on our sites ensure the efficiency of our industrial tool, its adaptability to specific requests, and its necessary transformation to the challenges of tomorrow.

*Contract Development Manufacturing Organization

We do what others can’t do

Company & Strategy

Our vision is based on several principles:

  • A multi-site organization and Centers of Excellence
  • Service rate (OTIF)
  • Quality
  • EHS commitments (API Highly Potency, ISO 50001, etc.)
  • Project management
  • Advanced technologies and their development

Our difference?

Our ideas and our Operational Excellence, at your service

Your needs, Our solutions

What if we made your challenges easier to solve?

For a technical study project for the production of a new drug, processing in a specific format, or simply a range extension, Galien® will be able to support you and to accelerate your development.

Because we have been working with our customers for a long time, we have taken the time to listen to them, and to develop personalized and scalable solutions in order to anticipate their needs.

Today, Galien® has a large catalog of unified services and manufacturing expertise, to find with you the best path between challenge – solution – result.

And it’s simple to verify. Contact Us.