Established in strategic areas, Galien® promotes proximity exchanges with customers and suppliers through a multi-site distribution.

We are developing a common identity and service, while retaining the natural qualities of each of the sites.

Galien Macors Auxerre


  • Production of solid forms

Overall annual capacity

  • 4 billion tablets & capsules
  • 40 million blisters of High Potent products
  • +650 million sachets

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The expertise of this site spans three major manufacturing areas: Sachets, High Potent products, and Dry Forms (tablets, dragees, capsules).

Contact details
22 Rue des Caillottes
89000 Auxerre
Ph. +33 3 86 94 32 00

Galien LPS Sens


  • Packaging of dry forms, in blister and pill forms

Overall annual capacity

  • 65 million blisters
  • 15 million bottles

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Multidisciplinary, this site also offers services such as the graphic creation of “packaging”, or turnkey variation modules. A quality control laboratory with climatic chambers completes the activities.

Contact details
98 Rue Bellocier
89100 Sens
Ph. +33 3 86 95 71 00

Galien LPS Nevers


  • Production of orodispersible forms

Overall annual capacity

  • 50 million blisters, i.e. 500 million oral lyophilisates

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This site produces and conditions the LYOC® / LyoDis® formulation (oral lyophilisate).
Also equipped with an autonomous development unit, the Galien LPS Nevers site makes it possible to materialize any new project before mass production.

Contact details
22 Rue Edmé Laborde
58000 Nevers
Ph. +33 3 86 71 80 80

Galien Macors Monéteau


  • Warehouse associated with the Auxerre production site

Overall capacity

  • 8,000 pallets
  • 6,400 m²

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Its modern equipment and rigorous organization make it a real showcase of our supply chain.

Contact details
45 avenue de Paris – ZI des Macherins
89470 Monéteau

Galien Levallois

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The Levallois site includes the General Management and the Support Functions Heads

Contact details
50 Quai Charles Pasqua
92300 Levallois-Perret
Ph. 01 83 75 37 40