Multiple technologies

Adjustable over a wide variety of lot sizes, we provide packaging for:

  • tablets of different formats
  • capsules
  • soft capsules

We offer many types of packaging:

  • PVC blisters, PVC / PVDC blisters, PVC / PE / PVDC, Aclar®, Alu / Alu, etc.
  • Pill
  • Jars with capacities ranging from 20ml to 100ml, glass or plastic, for bulk tablets or capsules
  • Stacked tablet tubes, especially for effervescent tablets

Serialization and Aggregation

Since 2018, Galien® has offered its customers serialization and inviolability on its packaging lines, enabling it to comply with the European directive on the falsification of medicines (Directive 2011/62 / EU of June 8, 2011)

Our systems use GS1 standards for drug identification.

We ensure the transmission of serial numbers to our partners and to the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) through an international platform.


All our packaging boxes are closed and regulated in temperature and humidity.

On-board systems make it possible to check at each stage of the use of the correct packaging item throughout the production chain.

In addition, our lines are equipped with automatic TRS / OEE calculation systems in order to control and optimize cycles.